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Our Accountability

Aid Watch Palestine calls for accountability of all parts of the international aid system. As we are part of the system that we want to fix, we intend to be accountable and ask to be held accountable.

Accountability is not something we do once, but an ongoing process of being transparent, engaging stakeholders, opening ourselves to scrutiny, and responding to feedback. This includes:

  •  An active steering committee of community members that makes policy and oversees the work of staff, and oversight by our fiscal sponsor, Dalia Association.
  •  Transparent funding policies
  •  Quarterly narrative and financial reports in Arabic and English
  • Financial and narrative reports (see list below)
  •  A complaints mechanism
  •  Participatory and cooperative work processes

Please contact us to get involved in shaping Aid Watch Palestine by working on an ad hoc or standing committee, volunteering, sharing information or opinion, or donating. Let us know how your group or organization could cooperate to improve the accountability of aid to Palestine.