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Glimpses of Daily Life in Gaza

Khuza’a-- As the morning sun cast its rays over Khuza’a, it gave those leaving their hometown the last chance to burn an image of their homes, shops, and lands into their memories. Had they known how disfigured this place would become, they might have spent more time memorizing it.This was the second time Ra’of had to flee Khuza’a with his family. The first time was six years ago, when he was 14. He had to flee the town with his mother and siblings on a day that they will never forget, the day an Israeli bulldozer killed his father, Mahmoud Suleiman... Read More

Deir Al Balah, Gaza Strip- “During the last truce, my children and I sat on the remains of our home for 12 days. The house was hit, no doors, no windows…” These were the words of sixty-five-year-old Im Fadi Al Bashir from Deir Al Balah as she pointed to the remains of her destroyed house. “This was our home.”

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 Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip- Thirty-year-old Ahmad Yaziji lost his life’s investment overnight in a war that did not spare anything. Ahmad immediately started thinking of Plan B, a plan that would pull him away from his new “unemployed” status as he waits for the current to turn his way.

From an early age, Ahmad had insisted on being... Read More

Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip- It is really not strange or unusual to see makeshift wooden beams and nylon sheets replacing windows. For those seeking shelter from the ruthless rain, there is no other choice. This is how twenty-six-year-old Ibrahim explained his new and improvised window décor after the recent war in Gaza. During the summer war, Ibrahim sought shelter with his pregnant wife, son, and daughter in a school. His newborn daughter found... Read More

Central region- Gaza Strip - Seventeen-year-old Athar Ahmad lost her father and her home in the war. As she was left with no pictures of her father, Athar tried to draw him in an attempt to ease the pain of her longing. She also wrote sorrowful verse: “In tears we had a wound to weep, but our tears have been streaming ever more…” Since then, Athar’s tears have not stopped.

It is the perpetual paradox: that the deepest wounds result in the greatest creativity. With the encouragement... Read More