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Key Documents
Questions and Answers about the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM)
What is the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM)? The GRM is a temporary agreement between the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel and the United Nations (UN) that went into effect after the attack on the Gaza Strip in 2014. The GRM sets out procedures supposedly to enable the entry of essential construction materials into the Gaza Strip which is under Israeli blockade.
Leaked Documemt: Diakonia’s Expert Legal Opinion on the GRM
UN database for Gaza aid may give Israel targets to attack — secret memo
A document obtained by The Electronic Intifada revealed that the UN was warned that its database of potential aid recipients in Gaza could provide Israel with targets for future attacks. Diplomats and UN officials were also warned that plans for rebuilding Gaza after it was attacked by Israel in 2014 violated international law. According to a confidential legal opinion by a law professor who analyzed the mechanism for a major aid agency that works closely with the UN, the UN-backed Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) is illegal and violates the very “right to life” of the Palestinian people, .   link to full report: Attached: Gaza Reconstuction Mechanism, Legal Opinion in GRM The Elecrtonic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, 2016
Restricting Aid: The Challenges of Delivering Aid in the OPt
This summary of a survey about international actors in Palestine concludes significant, widespread and costly movement and access challenges the INGO's are facing as they deliver aid to Palestinians. By: Association of International Development Agencies. ( 2011. 13 pages. English only.              
EU's Aid to the oPt: Deepening Crisis in Gaza
This assessment of the role EU aid is playing in the Gaza Strip calls for change in EU policy. By: CIDSE Working Group on Palestine/Israel ( 2009. 20 pages. English only.
Failing Gaza: A Report One Year After Cast Lead
This assessment and critique of international humanitarian response was released one year after the 2008-2009 Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. It includes a call to action. By: Several international NGOs including Diakonia, MAP-UK, Mercy Corps, Oxfam and others. 2009. 18 pages. English only. 
Draft PA Assessment of compliance with the Paris Declaration
This is a leaked (probably non-public) draft response by the Palestinian Authority to the OECD outlining the PA's assessment of compliance with the Paris Declaration principles: ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for results, and mutual accountability. By: Unknown, but mostly likely the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development ( 2011. 17 pages.
Reparations for Civilians Living in the oPt
This brief explores opportunities and constraints for reparations under international law. It is a rare, serious exploration of the topic of reparations applied specifically to the Palestinian situation. By: Harvard University Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research ( 2011. 23 pages. English only.
A Strategic Framework to Strengthen the Palestinian NGO Sector
Detailed strategy for the Palestinian NGO sector for the period 2013-2017, updating the 2006 sector strategy. By: NGO Development Center ( 2013. 121 pages. Arabic available at
PNGO Network Position Regarding Gaza Reconstruction Conference
Press release from PNGO, which represents 145 Palestinian civil society organizations. Released following the 2014 Israeli agression on the Gaza Strip and in advance of the October 2014 Cairo Donor Conference, it lays out principles and demands for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. By Palestinian NGO Network ( 2014. 1 page.